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Web API Overview

Our Web API is the easiest way to onboard customers online for recurring payments.

You will find here all the key values from the overview section gathered in one page for your convenience.
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Server  https://api.preprod.slimpay.com  https://api.slimpay.net
Authentication endpoint  /oauth/token  /oauth/token
Entry point  ~  ~

Other endpoints

  Provided by the server in the responses. See links.
Accept header
  • application/json for the authentication request
  • application/hal+json;profile="https://api.slimpay.net/alps/v1" for other requests
Content-Type header
  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded for the authentication request
  • application/json for other POST requests
  • application/merge-patch+json for PATCH requests
Relation namespace  https://api.slimpay.net/alps#  https://api.slimpay.net/alps#
Demo API access
  • App ID: democreditor01
  • App secret: demosecret01
  • Creditor reference: democreditor
No demo access in PROD
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