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What are the main Payment incidents codes in SEPA (R-Transactions)?

Code                         Type                           Cause 
AM04; MS03       Reject or Return      Insufficient funds (it is the most commun in Europe)
AC06; AG01        Reject or Return      Direct Debit not Enabled (ex: SDD impossible on saving accounts) 
MD01                 Reject or Return or Refund Mandate cancelled MD01
MD02                 Reject                    Mandate error (ex: missing information) 
AC04                  Reject or Return     Bank account closed 
MS02                  Reject or Return     Refusal by debtor 
SL01                   Reject or Return     Debtor bank rejection (ex: blacklisted account, account limited, …) 
MD06                  Refund                   Refund requested 
MD07                  Reject or Return      Debtor deceased 
AC01; RR01; DNOR; RC01; RR04; BE05; RR03      Reject or Return Missing information 

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