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How can I find out why a payment failed?

You will find the payment incidents or R-Transactions in the CSV report the card transactions (identified as REJ or RET in codeOP ). Refer to the column, "label" to see the details.
How to get the report? Either by SFPT or for low volume transactions, on the backoffice, select in left menu ""Manage Payments""> ""Reporting"" > enter the time period> click ""Search"".
The outcome will be summary of transactions and a summary of balance.
If you want to download the report, please click on the button (""Download report""). You can find it at the end of the balance summary & before the transactions summary (it is a green button)
IMPORTANT If you have more than 1000 transaction in the selected timeframe, please do not use this feature. You will need to use the file secure transfer.

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