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How to manage users




You will find in this article a demo video about your user management but also some frequently asked questions. 

You have to be administrator to manage roles (profiles) and associated users. 

Depending on the profile, a user can have access to selected features.

NB: If you are not administrator, please send a request to


How to manage my users and profiles





also called Back Office

Manage roles/profiles

In team tab

  • To modify or delete a profile:  Edit > Deactivate 
  • To assign a role: Create

NB: see the roles available

In Administration tab

  • To create a new profile:  Manage Profile > Create a new profile
  • To delete a profile: Manage profiles > click on the red cross at the end of the profile

NB: You can create an unlimited number of profile

Manage users

 In team tab
  • To modify or delete a user: Edit > Deactivate 
  • To create a user: Create


In Administration tab

  • To create a user: Create User > Create > select profile
  • To modify a user: User Management > click on the name > change the details > Save
  • To delete a user: User Management > tick the column "activation" on the raw of the user > Confirm

 Manage accesses

Dashboard Home page 

  • To reset your password: Forgot password?

NB: you can only reset your own password.

In Administration tab

  • To reset the password of a user:  User Management > find the user and tick on > Reset password

NB: if you are still using the first version of the Dashboard, do not hesitate to ask for the second one at



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