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Card Aliases Management


You will find in this article a demo video about your card Alias management but also some frequently asked questions. 

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A card alias (or token) corresponds to a tokenization of a card payment information. It is a way to store your customer's card for future usage.

Create a card alias

In order to save your customer's card alias, you need to invite them to go to SlimPay's Checkout and enter their payment information.

To do that, you need to create an order, containing a card alias item.

Search for a card alias

In your Dashboard, Go to Authorizations tab, then Card aliases section.

You can search by : 

  • Subscriber reference
  • Alias reference
  • Status

Create a payment using a card alias


In Authorizations tab, Card Aliases section

Select a Card Alias Reference with an Activated status

> Create > enter information required

> Create Card Payment

NB: if you are still using the first version of the Dashboard, do not hesitate to ask for the second one at



The statuses displayed in the Dashboard in the authorizations section are the following ones:

Activated Once the card alias is created
Deleted A card alias is deactivated by the creditor or SlimPay (card expiration as the most common reason)

NB: When a Card Alias is deactivated ("deleted" status), do not forget to ask your client to input a new card.



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