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Discovering the Dashboard



What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard allows merchants (creditors) to manage their payment activities with SlimPay. It is organized by the most common payment workflows used by you and your team. 



For example, the Payments tab includes everything you need to manage the flow of money in and out of your SlimPay merchant account.


In many cases, you can use the Dashboard to perform specific actions, such as refunding payments or canceling a subscription. These actions can be done without using the API, which makes the Dashboard an easy and useful tool for managing your business.


Jump to a section below to find out more about that specific feature: 


mceclip0.pngConfused about some of the terms we use? No worries, we've got you covered. Check out the Lexicon guide! 




Balance gives you information about your account activity. A wide range of analytics and real-time graphs give you insight into your business performance. 


Learn more about your Balance 



Reporting shows you recent activity that may require action on your part, such as pending refunds or chargeback issues.




The Orders tab displays the entire list of API requests: they can be "Running", "Aborted by client", "Aborted by server" or "Completed."



The Mandates tab allows you to view the list of authorizations for direct debit payments (mandates) and card payments (card aliases). 


Learn more about Mandates



The Payments tab gathers all possible types of payments: direct debit, card and refunds (considered as transfers).


Learn more about Payments 


Payment plans

The Plans tab allows you to view all the payment plans registered with your customers (for both direct debit and credit card payments).


Learn more about Direct Debit



The Subscribers tab shows you all subscribers in your database and allows you to see any authorizations, payments, plans, etc. associated with a specific subscriber. As a reminder, a subscriber is a debtor (eg. the merchant's customer).


Learn more about Subscribers



The Documents tab allows you to view and download your documents. On the Dashboard, you can import, download and export documents. These documents will be used when signing one or more documents (with or without a mandate signature) on the SlimPay Checkout. Your end customer will be able to preview the documents to be signed on the one-time password (OTP) page.


Learn more about Documents


Remittance files

View all your remittance files in the Files tab. Remittance files are used to deposit orders on the SlimPay server.


Learn more about Remittance Files


How do I search within the Dashboard?

Use the Dashboard to search for payments, customers, and more. From the search bar, you can search across a variety of different references to quickly find what you're looking for. 


Depending on which tab you choose on the left (eg. Mandates), the references you can search with will change in the search bar. Typing in a Subscriber Reference, for example, will show you all mandates from that subscriber in the Mandates tab. 



Other references you can search with include: 

  • Order Reference
  • Subscriber Reference
  • Authorization Reference
  • IBAN
  • Signatory Email 
  • Company Name
  • Payment Reference
  • Plan Reference
  • Document Reference
  • Public Reference
  • File Name


When you perform a search, the first few results appear immediately. You can view all matches by pressing Enter


To further refine your results, you can use the filters that are located above your search results. Several filters exist, depending on which feature you have selected. 

  • Dates
  • Status
  • Payment Scheme
  • Frequency
  • Flow
  • Category



Finally, at the bottom of the page, you can quickly jump to different pages and display more or fewer results per page.







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