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Release notes 24-05-2021




The new release is now available on PREPROD, it will be available on PROD at the beginning of June.

Here's what's new:

1. Bugfixes


  • [DASHBOARD V.2] [LOGIN] When a Dashboard account has been locked 2 times temporarily, the third one is now definitive.


  • [DASHBOARD V.2] [REPORTING] Fixed discrepancies in the payment issues total amount between the Reporting section of the Dashboard and the downloaded report.


  • [DASHBOARD V.2] [SDD] Fixed issue when trying to retrieve B2B SDD payments in the Dashboard or through the API.


  • [WEB API] [SDD] When signing a mandate with a payment creation, setting an execution date in the past will have it recalculated to the next banking day instead of prompting an error.


  • [FILE API V.1] [CAI] Fixed issue preventing IBANs update when receiving a bank merger notification.


2. Enhancements


  • [CHECKOUT V.2] Checkout URLs generated by our API are now reusable 5 times.
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