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Release notes 28-07-2020


The new release is now available on PREPROD, it will be available on PROD at the beginning of September.

Here's what's new:

1. Bugfixes


  • [DASHBOARD V.1] [CARD/REPORTINGFixed issue regarding card payments display in the reporting for merchants configured with entities.


  • [FILE API] [CARD/REPORTING] Fixed issue preventing the integration of card transactions in the CAMT053 reporting file. 


  • [DASHBOARD V.2Fixed issue concerning subscribers display in the Dashboard for merchants configured with entities.


  • [WEB API] [SDD/REFUND] Fixed issue preventing merchants from refunding SDDs through our API in PREPROD environment.


2. Enhancements


  • [CHECKOUT V.2Checkout Italian translations were upgraded to now use 'tu' which is more usual than 'voi'.


  • [WEB API] [CARD] MOTO transactions (Mail Order, Telephone Order) can now benefit from an SCA exemption.


  • [WEB API] [SDD/REFUND] Error code enhancement on failed SDD refund request to be more accurate.
    Instead of getting "240: The payment is not refundable", you now get "929: The total amount to reimburse cannot be higher than the original transaction".
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