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Card Error Codes



A card payment can be rejected at the time of creation, even before the money is debited. However, the issuing banks do not necessarily provide the card networks (VISA, Mastercard etc) with the precise reason why they rejected a payment. As such, the payment error displayed by the SlimPay API might be inaccurate. Please bear in mind that SlimPay acts merely as a gateway with regards to these error codes.

However, the following codes (included in the API’s payment-issues response) offer some indication about why a card payment was rejected:


Code  Reason
C01 This account does not exist
C02 Contact your bank for authorisation
C03 Operation cancellation unauthorised
C04 Card expired
C05 Card lost
C06 Card stolen
C07 Check your configuration
C08 Conversion rate is not found
C09 Duplicated transaction
C10 The usage frequency is exceeded
C11 There is an opposition on the account
C12 The bank is unknown
C13 Invalid card number
C14 Invalid PIN code
C15 The transaction can't be processed
C16 Invalid birthdate
C17 Invalid CVV3
C18 Invalid amount
C19 The amount is exceeded
C20 Security violation
C21 Suspicious card
C22 Transaction cannot be found
C23 Transaction refused by card scheme
C24 Unauthorised transaction
C25 Card not registered
C26 Fraud detected
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