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Test your integration

You may want to test your integration in our preproduction environment to make sure your integration works as planned. This page includes test payment means that you can use it to test the different flows in your integration.


Testing SEPA Direct Debit

The IBANs below are accepted in our preproduction environment

IBAN Country
FR7600000000002809671482539 France
DE03000000002572225739 Germany
GB86AAAA00000023344197 United Kingdom
NL14AAAA0973538504 Netherlands
ES4100000000001799754161 Spain
IT17A0000000000910783844999 Italy
BE59000371638726 Belgium
PT77000000003678199676712 Portugal

You can also find a list of IBAN on our Dev Center : Test IBAN.

Test card numbers

In order to test in our preproduction environment, we provide test cards

Card type Number CVC Date 
Visa 4402396666666647 Any 3 digits Any future date
Mastercard 5544336666666649 Any 3 digits Any future date
Maestro 6706950000000000 Any 3 digits Any future date

Test 3D Secure 2 authentication

To test how our checkout handles 3D Secure 2 authentication, use these test card numbers. When asked for authentication, use the following password: Test123

Card type Number CVC Date
Visa 4402396666666654 Any 3 digits Any future date
Mastercard 5544336666666656 Any 3 digits Any future date
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