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Release notes 07-04-2020





The new release is now available on PREPROD, it will be available on PROD on Tuesday, April 14th.

Here's what's new:

1. Bugfixes


  • [DASHBOARD V.2] [SCT] The label is now taken into account if it is set when creating a fund transfer (SCT) using the Dashboard. 


  • [CHECKOUT V.2] [DOCUMENT/MANDATE] Fixed issue preventing merchants to skip IBAN and phone number Checkout pages when signing mandate(s) and document(s). 


  • [CHECKOUT V.2] [API] The return URL is correctly taken into account if it is set in the API call when signing a mandate.  


2. Enhancements


  • [WEB API] [CARD] Card refund reference can now be set-up upon creation through the API. 


  • [WEB API] [SDDIt is now possible to reimburse totally or partially the amount of a processed direct debit payment by creating a refund through an API call. For more information please visit our dedicated article : How to manage reimbursements?


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