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Card by Link



Use cases

Supported scenarios


Card by Link is an easy-to-use solution to collect payments directly from your customers by sending them a link via email. Once clicked, this link redirects them to SlimPay's Checkout and allows them to complete a payment or register for a payment plan.

Example: Recovering a failed payment with Card by Link



More details about how to implement Card by Link via our API or via our Dashboard can be found here

Use cases

There are many instances where a business will need to push a payment request to their customers. Some of these use cases could include: 

  • Debt collection
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Time-limited subscriptions (food basket sales etc.)
  • Merchants without websites (small gyms, associations, street fundraisers)
  • Insurance companies
  • Recovering failed payments


Supported payment scenarios

Depending on your use case, customers could be asked either to complete a one-off payment OR subscribe to a recurring payment plan.

In case of a debt collection for example, merchants would need a unique payment, while in the case of renewing a food basket subscription, merchants would need to set up a new recurring payment plan.

Here is a summary of our Card by Link feature capabilities for our API & Dashboard: 

       API           Dashboard     
Card alias (tokenization) c.png  
One-off payments c.png c.png
Payment authorization c.png  
Request for information c.png  
Recurring payments c.png  c.png


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