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Card Checkout: a comprehensive payment interface




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Checkout: a comprehensive payment interface

Responsive Design

The SlimPay Checkout module is responsive. It is compatible with tablets, smartphones and any screen, with the UI automatically adapting to the type of device used. This creates a real multi-channel experience.


The SlimPay Checkout module is designed to work with multiple languages. The languages currently available are: EN (English), DE (German), ES (Spanish), FR (French), IT (Italian), NL (Dutch), PT (Portuguese). A new language can be added if necessary through a simple request. 

The Checkout language is selected with the following criteria:

  1. The SlimPay Checkout call (API ‘locale’ parameter #create-orders)
  2. The ‘Accept-Language’ header (language parameter chosen by the subscriber’s browser)
  3. The merchant account settings
  4. By default (English)

Multiple merchant websites

The SlimPay Checkout module can be integrated into as many merchant websites or applications as necessary. For each of its websites or applications, a merchant can configure:

  • API identifiers
  • a notification URL
  • a return URL
  • a logo

Note: SlimPay also allows users to create global API identifiers in order to access various merchant accounts. 

SlimPay offers various website integration options:

  • Option 1: Overlay mode (or Pop-in mode)
  • Option 2: iFrame mode (or embedded mode)
  • Option 3: Redirect mode 

=> Watch a video of a Checkout integrated in 'pop-in iFrame mode' here.

=> Watch a video of a Checkout integrated in 'embedded iFrame mode' here.

Checkout: a customizable interface

We can provide you with a white label Checkout solution*. Customization options include: 

  • Header logo
  • URL (domain name)
  • Footer logo


* This is a pay-to-use option. If you are interested, contact our support team for more information at

Note: In embedded mode, the Checkout banner featuring the logo is not displayed. This banner is only displayed in redirect and iFrame mode.

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