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Update payment data




Once a direct debit is created, certain information can be amended before it is finalized:

Amending direct debit data

In the event of a setup error, a merchant can amend or cancel direct debits if their status is “complete” or “retry” via:

    • the REST API integrated into the CRM tool 
    • the SlimPay Dashboard
    • a file amending the date (for direct debit plans only)

Amendments can be made to the following direct debit information:

  • the direct debit amount
  • the execution date
  • the direct debit reference
  • the reference

Amendments can be made to the following direct debit plan information:

  • the amount
  • the reference

Amending bank details

Bank details can be amended in two situations:

A change of IBAN

When the debtor wishes to replace the current direct debit IBAN with another IBAN, the merchant must make the change manually via the Dashboard, API or file.


Banking mobility (only for French banks)

Since February 2017, the Macron Law has improved the automated exchange of individual deposit accounts (excluding savings accounts) when switching to a new main bank.

The banking mobility system consists of automating information exchanges between mobility players. When a mobility mandate is signed, the destination bank requests a summary of recurring transfers and direct debits over the previous 13 months from the initial bank.

Upon receipt of this information, the destination bank forwards this mobility information to the banks of the relevant issuers.

How does it work?


What is SlimPay’s role?

As a creditor payment institution, SlimPay has its part to play in banking mobility. SlimPay is connected to the SEPAmail Aigue-Marine interbank messaging service which provides access to banking mobility messages from destination banks. Thus, SlimPay is able to automatically update customer mandates and issue all the new direct debit requests with the new bank details.

What are the benefits?

For merchants (or creditors):

  • An optimized conversion rate
  • Secured future revenue under a subscription
  • Improved customer satisfaction with an uninterrupted service and clear communication

For consumers (or debtors):

  • Fewer administrative processes to notify all of its creditors
  • No disruption to service owing to a missing payment
  • Clear communication from the merchant when taking note of new bank details
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