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How to integrate SlimPay solution?

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You are now ready to implement the SlimPay payment solution, this document will guide you step by step to go live and run happily.

NB : Depending on your project, an Onboarding Manager may be assigned to support you in your technical integration process. 

Step 1 - KYC: a legal obligation



As soon as possible once you have signed the contract.



What for?

To have the right to process transactions and start the implementation process.



What do you do?

Send all the documents needed to your account manager.


What does SlimPay do?

It is a first step of verification - additional documents may be required.

What is KYC?


What documents
do I need to send?

Know your Customer” 

To be able to collect money on your behalf, in any European country, SlimPay has to demonstrate that it has verified the real existence of the company and its performing legal business.

SlimPay requires documents that show the existence of the legal entity and the company’s owners. 

The documents need to be recent (less than 3 months) & readable.

It is a compulsory process for any Financial Institution.

Indeed, SlimPay has to make sure that you have an entrepreneurial profile which complies with rules against money laundering and financing terrorism. 

If all documents are received, the KYC will be passed within 4 working days.

This is a European and Global obligation to prevent money laundering, terrorism funding and financial fraud.

This obligation is independent on the amount collected.

Please go check all the documents you need to send to your account manager and to the Compliance Team (


Access Account  



Once you have decided, together with your sales representative to choose our solution.



What for?

Get your Dashboard and API credentials by email.



What do you do?

Ask your Account Manager and verify you can access your test account.


What does SlimPay do?

Send an email with the credentials to the technical contact provided to the Sales representative.

Please ensure to whitelist any email coming from the domain 


Dashboard V.2

Dashboard V.1


API Rest

You have a test account at your disposal: begin your tests with your credentials received on your email.

Access to the Dashboard Test Account 

You have a test account at your disposal: begin your tests with your credentials received/sent on your email.

Access to Dashboard V.1 Test Account

To integrate the API, please use the credentials received by email (creditor_reference & App_name)

App_secret: Please create your App_Secret in the menu "App management" of the Dashboard.

Please use the Test URL:

The Dashboard V.2 is an online interface that allows you to see and monitor the orders, authorizations, payments, plans and subscribers that you do with SlimPay.

The Dashboard V.1 corresponds to the former online interface necessary to generate the App_Secret. The Dashboard V.2 is replacing it but the former is still necessary for this step. 

The HAPI Browser is a tool that helps you for the implementation with examples of codes HTTP, PHP and Java.

Integrate the API 




The following table aims to help you during your API integration. 


Use Cases


API Browser

Mandate signature 

create orders(type=signMandate)

change the pre filled example on top left

Document signature


change the pre filled example on top left

Create Direct Debit (one off)


Create Direct Debit Plan


Create a SDD refund


Create order standalone card alias

create orders(type=card alias)

change the pre filled example on top left


Create Card Transaction


Create Card Plan


Create a fund transfert (SCT)


Perform the tests




 Based on the tests you will perform, our Customer Care team will validate your go live (production account).



Electronic signature 

Mandatory tests: 

Mandatory tests: 


Mandatory tests:

  • Create order
  • Sign mandate
  • Create SDD single

Optional tests: 

  • Create SDD recurring 
  • Make reconciliation 

Mandatory tests: 

  • Sign a mandate by link and/or by delegation
  • Change IBAN for a mandate
  • Create a unique direct debit and create a recurrent direct debit

Optional tests: Discover the tutorials 


In order to do card payment, you must integrate our API.

Mandatory tests: 

  • Create order
  • Create card alias
  • Create card transactions

Optional tests:

  • Create recurring card transactions
  • Make reconciliation

Optional tests:


For File API, please refer to our devcenter describing the tool if you’ve contracted this service (including SFTP access). If you want to manage your payment flow thought file importation, you can consult our dedicated article and test the different constructions possible.

Information to keep in mind during your integration




There is a unique client reference for each customers/debtors. 

More information with our lexicon.

There is one unique mandate reference for each customers/debtors. That mandate covers all transactions done with you.

You can update bank account details (IBAN) for a mandate. 

It is better to use a unique payment/plan reference.

Like any payment method, SEPA Direct Debit may experience unsuccessful transactions. Different error codes correspond to specific reasons for rejection or refund.

More information with our SEPA Direct Debit Timeline article.


Please do not use real data (IBAN, phone number) during your tests. You can use our IBAN generator and the test data we provide during your integration. The email addresses used must be valid.


Once you finished your tests integration, you can ask for your Go Live filling the request form (Open an account). Your tests will be validated and you will be able to start your production integration.

Step 3 - GO LIVE



When you have completed your tests and the KYC is validated.


What for?

To create the production environment, receive the API and Dashboard access and start your real transactions 


What do you do?

Send the request to our Customer Care team ( 


What does SlimPay do?

Creates the production environment and configures your account login.

Configure your account


Once your production account is created, your credentials for the Dashboard are sent on your email. 

To integrate the API, please use the credentials received by email (creditor_reference & App_name).

You could generate your app_secret on the menu "App management" of the Dashboard.

User creation As a user, you can give access to other users and assigned a role to each one. Click here for details


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