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Customisation options


You have various customizations offered:

If you wish to opt for one of the customization options above, contact our support team.

Visual Checkout

We can provide you with a white label mandate signature solution*. Customization option includes: 

  • Header logo
  • URL (domain name)
  • Footer logo


* This is a pay-to-use option. If you are interested, contact support for more information at

Note: In embedded mode, the Checkout banner featuring the logo is not displayed. This banner is only displayed in redirect and iFrame mode.

SEPA mandate template

The PDF template for the mandate to sign can be fully customized. 

SlimPay offers a customization kit which indicates the customization options available and how to download the new customized mandate template. 

During the SlimPay Checkout API call (#create-orders), the merchant must send the appropriate document template. 


Confirmation email

The content can be fully customized in the confirmation email containing the signed direct debit mandate. Each merchant is free to adjust the text and use the customization options of their choice. It is also possible to use HTML-CSS style sheets to follow a graphic charter. 

Similarly, it is possible customize the email sender. 

The default confirmation email is as follows:


Confirmation text message

You can customize the content of the text message indicating the OTP code required to validate the signature. To do so, simply send us the desired template keeping to 140 characters or less. 


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