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Release notes 31-01-2019



This release includes 8 bug fixes and 3 enhancements: 


Bug fixes



      • [CHECKOUT V.2] [CARD] Fixed issue concerning card alias creation with API Browser tool when wrong card information were corrected. 



      • [CHECKOUT V.1] [SDD] Fixed issue preventing existing debtors to create direct debits after creating a card alias. 

      • [DASHBOARD V.2] Dashboard access has been fixed for accounts linked to more than 20 creditors. 

      • [REPORTING] Fixed issue about missing creditor references and company names in the fees lines displayed in the reporting. 

      • [CHECKOUT V.2] [MANDATE] Fixed issue related to mandate signature via checkout for Irish customers.  

      • [CHECKOUT V.1, V.2] [SDD] After a payment failure, only one corresponding issue is now displayed. 


      • [CHECKOUT V.2] [MANDATE] When signing a mandate in white label, the SlimPay logo is not anymore displayed. 



  • It includes both preprod and production platforms: 

      • [FILE API] [MANDATE] Mandate files partial injection is now available when an IBAN or a BIC is invalid: only lines with an error will be rejected. 

      • [CARD] We are now accepting the whole scope of Maestro and Electron payment cards. 

      • [FILE API] It is now possible to schedule an automatic sending of the R-transactions files at the frequency wanted. 
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