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This article covers:

Getting listed on our partner page 

As a technology partner or a reseller, once you’ve passed integration review and you are ready to go Live, we can list you on our Partner Page. Take benefit of the extra visibility we give you and the potential leads we will be referring you.

Creating a landing page 

As a way to maximize our partnership, we recommend creating a dedicated landing page on your website, detailing the key benefits of your integration and linking to support any documentation needed.

Have a look at some of our partners to get some inspiration:

Promoting SlimPay solution through you 

Marketing and promotion become key pieces once everything is ready!

It is important to create awareness and make sure your customers and your prospects know  that it exists and what is the added value for them and their business.

Here are some techniques we find useful for this purpose:

  • Direct email to your customer base. Make sure you segment and target just the potential clients who might be interested for our co-joint offer.
  • Social media buzz: get in contact with us! We might be able to promote also on our side for a better coverage.
  • Creating content on your website / blog. Let us also know about it, we can cooperate together on this. See examples in our blog
  • Running joint webinars with SlimPay about the features and benefits of your integration - get in touch for more details.
  • Case studies and successful stories is a great way to showcase our partnership. See SecuTix’s example

Testimonials and use case

Creating and promoting compelling testimonials and case studies from your customers already using SlimPay is a great way to encourage and showcase to others what are the benefits and value added of your integration. If you would like us to help you creating one, don't hesitate to submit the details by fulfilling this form.

We will then get in contact with you to format it and agree on the content and potential use.

SlimPay brand guidelines

As every company, we are guided by a brand pattern. It’s important that you adhere to our brand guidelines. Please contact us at to request the branding page and gather more information about our logos, colours, typography, images, icons, UI components and buttons.

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