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This article covers:

General information 

Our Help Center was built to help you understand all the basics around our business model, products features and functionalities.

You will find 2 different categories:

  • Functional, aimed for product managers, c-levels and marketing teams for a better comprehensive view of our solution.
  • Operational, mainly for operational managers, financial teams and customer service agents to deep dive in the daily business operation activity.

If you have a question that is not being covered in those sections, don´t hesitate to submit it to


Where can I find the integration guidelines?

All the technical documentation is available here:

You can always contact us in case you have additional doubts.


Can I get notified if any product update is made? 

As a partner you might want to get notified if any update or change is done in our backend. That’s why we recommend you to have a look to our dedicated section Release notes but also to subscribe yourself to


How can I refer merchants? 

If I am an affiliate partner

And you are ready to refer potential clients there are different ways you can do it:


If you are a technology partner

And you have a merchant willing to use SlimPay Solution, please ask your account manager (or at to provide you the right documents you would need to complete:

1) Ask for a referral link to your SlimPay account manager or directly at , this is a unique form created for you that will allow us to track and associate these leads to you.

2) Send an email to with your leads including information such: company name, URL, contact details, expected revenues and business / need description.



 1) The Merchant form with all the mandatory merchant information (company details, contacts & billing) which includes the desired activation dates for pre-production (set up and testing) & production accounts.

2) The Solution Requirements (SEPA and/or Cards)

3) The “Tools required info”

4) Provide the information for the KYC check

5) When everything has been validated by your merchant, a GO-Live requested has to be sent to


How can I report an issue from a merchant? 

It might happen that at any point your merchant would need our support. We have a customer service team that will be happy to assist you.

You can find here the steps to contact them.

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