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Payment Services Types


SlimPay is able to act as the technical payment gateway for merchants’ payments, but also as the acquirer since SlimPay is an authorized payment institution regulated by banking authorities.

How does processing work with SlimPay?

In this case, SlimPay only acts as a technical payment gateway (format and route files). The merchant has to sign a contract with SlimPay and his bank that will be holding his account. The bank will charge the merchant for acquiring services, account management and movement fees.





How does the Full-Service (processing + acquiring) work with SlimPay?

On top of this first option, SlimPay plays the role of the merchant’s bank as SlimPay opens an account for the merchant where all the funds will be collected. SlimPay will be in charge of processing and acquiring, and will be the only part the merchant has to sign an agreement with.




SlimPay highly recommends to choose the Full-Service option including processing and acquiring because it provides merchants with many benefits:

  • A unique contract for all payments management.
  • Centralization of costs.
  • An easier reconciliation thanks to the end-to-end offer: from processing to acquiring, and from card payments to Direct Debit.
  • Automation of flows and real-time follow-up of all your payments regardless of the scheme (SDD or Card).


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