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Release notes 05-11-2018



This release includes 8 bug fixes and 3 enhancements: 


Bug fixes



      • [CHECKOUT V.2] [DOCUMENT] Fixed issue about the name of the file in the confirmation email to be more relevant.

      • [CHECKOUT V.2] [CARD] Replaced and clarified the checkout validation page message.



      • [DASHBOARD V.2] Added decimal precision to total fund transfer amount.

      • [CHECKOUT V.2] [SDD] Fixed issue preventing clients to sign a new mandate without an UMR automatically generated in case of mandate generation from a template.

      • [CHECKOUT V.2] [SDD] Fixed issue duplicating payment when signing a mandate with payment + recurring direct debit.

      • [REST API][CHECKOUT V.2] [CARD] Update and clarification of some error messages to be more meaningful in various use cases. 

      • [REST API] Fixed issues appearing randomly when creating a large volume of reimbursements.

      • [DASHBOARD V.2] Fixed issue preventing client to reset password link expiration after 30 minutes: a new relevant message has been added in that case. 




  • It includes both preprod and production platforms: 

      • [CHECKOUT] [both versions] Added TOM countries (WF, NC, PF) in SlimPay reachability checks.

      • [CHECKOUT] [both versions] Added check for BIC adherence to payment schemes.

      • [CHECKOUT V.1] [Card] Enhanced 3-D Secure functionality in order to enable 3DS in case of authorization extension.
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