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Some Definitions

What is the creditor reference?

The creditor reference is the unique identifier of your SlimPay account in our system.

For more information, consult our dedicated to the integration of the SlimPay solution! 

What is an entity?

If your company holds one or more subsidiaries, you may want your payment flow to be divided by legal entity. Each entity will have its own reference in our system which has to be communicated along with the creditor reference already representing the holding company.

What is the subscriber reference?

As a payment solution, our system isn't an ERP like SAP ERP, a CRM like Salesforce or an RBM like Zuora.

We still offer a very basic, yet powerful payment-to-customer relation via the subscriber reference parameter. This value must be provided by you and it should be unique per customer.

Even if you allow guests to pay in your application, you need to provide it. In this case, you can generate a random unique identifier to insure the same reference is never used twice for two different guests.

You will find this reference when looking for mandates, payments and other reportings to help you link data in our system to data in your system.


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