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How can I access my account?


Your SlimPay account is accessible via three different interfaces:

  • A User Interface which is our dashboard (V.1 or V.2).
  • A web Application Programming Interface (web API).
  • A file Application Programming Interface (file API).

Each interface has its own authentication mechanism and credentialformat:

How can I have an API access? 

Once you have signed your Slimpay contract, you will have access to our two environments: test (or preprod) and production.

Test environment

Your test-API access will allows you to discover our solution and understand its functioning.

You will be able to create orders such as order SDDs or sign mandates.

Once your test account is created, you will received accesses:

  • your creditor reference
  • your App ID

You will have to create your App secret from your Dashboard. These information will give you access to your test API.


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