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The SlimPay electronic signature module is complying with the eIDAS regulation as well as with EPC (European Payment Council) rulebooks that are the authoritative rules regarding the electronic signature of SEPA mandates.

SlimPay electronic signature module allows the signature of SEPA mandates and documents as contracts. It offers a 100% digital signature.

A multichannel signature module

The SlimPay electronic signature module is adaptable to the different needs for each sales channel:

  • Web or mobile: signature via an online subscription page
  • Call center:  signature by delegation with an agent 
  • Face to face: signature at the point of sale
  • In mobility: signature on a mobile device like a tablet with a sales person


Two levels of signature adapting to all use cases and specific needs

The SlimPay electronic signature can adapt to the level of proof regarding the customer authentication when signing a mandate or a document. According to the specific needs of each activity, SlimPay offer two levels of signature on the Checkout:

  • Checkbox

This second level of signature allows to sign personalized documents or SDD mandate by ticking a box. This method is an advanced signature that streamlines the user experience thanks to a quick process. However, this method does not allow a strong authentication of the customer.



  • OTP (One Time Password)

OTP is the most advanced level of signature as it allows a strong authentication of the customer with an explicit consent. This signature allows the constitution of a wider set of proof that can be used in case of legal dispute. OTP signature is recommended when signing SDD mandates or sensitive documents as insurance contracts. 

The customer enters in the Checkout the OTP received. The validity of the code entered confirms the customer consent strongly anthenticates him. An electronic certificate in the name of the customer is created, an electronic signature is affixed on the mandate. The signed mandate is then sent to the client by email. 



Documents and mandates signature

In order to streamline the customer experience on the Checkout, SlimPay offers the possibility to do a simultaneous signature of both a document and a SEPA mandate. This can be very useful for merchants who need to make their customer sign a subscription contract for example and a SEPA mandate for the monthly payments.

At the end of the subscription journey, the client can check the content of the mandate and the document, before signing them both with a unique electronic signature. Once the client has made the signature, a certificate in the name of the client is generated, an electronic signature is affixed on the mandate and the document.

It is also possible for a merchant to ask only for the document signature, in case the payment is not done via SDD and no mandate is needed. 


Mandates archiving

For these methods of signature, SlimPay also manages the archiving of the mandates for a period of 10 years with two levels : 

- Standard Archiving on the Dashboard for convenience and follow-up on the daily basis. 

- Legal Archiving with probationary value that can be used in case of dispute with a complete body of evidence


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