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Card Aliases Management


You will find in this article a demo video about your card Alias management but also some frequently asked questions. 

A card alias (or token) corresponds to a Card payment authorization (unique for one creditor). 



The statuses displayed in the Dashboard in the authorizations section are the following ones:

Activated Once the card alias is created
Deleted A card alias is deactivated by the creditor or SlimPay (card expiration as the most common reason)

NB: When a Card Alias is deactivated ("deleted" status), do not forget to ask your client to input a new card.

How to search for a Card alias? 


In Authorizations tab, Card Aliases section

You can search by :

  • Subscriber Reference
  • Alias Reference
  • Status


How to create a Card payment?


In Authorizations tab, Card Aliases section

Select a Card Alias Reference with an Activated status

> Create > enter information required

> Create Card Payment

NB: if you are still using the first version of the Dashboard, do not hesitate to ask for the second one at


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