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What is the returnURL?


A returnURL enables a user to go back to the merchant's website page, after a signature or a payment made with SlimPay.

What is its content?

No information is sent with the returnURL. But, on your enquiry, we have the possibility to activate an option which adds the transaction reference within the returnURL. So, your returnURL will be : http://YOUR/RETURN/URL?order_reference=transaction-id. Then, you can do a #get-orders with this ID and retrieve the same information as the one send with notification URL.

As we said, if you want Slimpay to send you information, you have to set up a notification URL but it has to be in HTTPS and have a SSLcertificate dedicated.

Can we manage severals return adresses or in a dynamic way?

No, it is not possible to neither manage several return addresses nor in a dynamic way.

However, you can manage a specific redirection with the ID order. This ID being unique for each transaction, during the creation you just have to note this ID down (and to take it into the session itself) and during the redirection to your returnURL, you have to make a #get-orders request and verify the order status.

A 'closed.completed' status means that all went well. In others words, if the status is 'closed.completed' you can redirect to a OK page or a KO page.

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