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Can I sign a mandate and a document at the same time?


SlimPay offers the possibility to sign documents and mandates on the Checkout. 

It is a streamlined experience for your customers:

  • A mandate and a document can be simultaneously signed in ONE CLICK!
  • A unique certificate is created for both documents signature.
  • The type of signature can be adapted to the use case in order to make the checkout easier and quicker. 


To add a document to be signed by the user during the Checkout, go check out the technical documentation

Possible Uses Cases

  1. Signing a document
  2. Signing Xdocuments  *"x documents" means there is no limitation however technically it is possible to sign 10 documents for example. 
  3. Signing a document + signing a mandate 
  4. Signing X documents + signing a mandate 


NB: The document signature feature is not available yet in the Dashboard, our teams are working on the development of other use cases. 

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