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When you send us a request it creates a ticket which is assigned to our customer service. 

Can I create a ticket without login in?

Yes, you can open a ticket without any login/password  ("Submit a Request" top right). Your ticket will be treated, you will get your answer by email.

However to have access to your ticket history & all the FAQs, please to, at your convenience, connect to the Help Center.

Where do I see my tickets?

Please connect to the Help Center, click on "Sign in" top right of the screen.

Then select, "My activities" by clicking on your name (top right).

Would I be able to create a ticket from the Back Office?

If you have the rights presently, you will be able to open a ticket from the Backoffice SlimPay.

You will land in the new Help Center SlimPay (with more capabilities than the previous system).

Click on "Administration" > "Access Support Ticketing"

Would I be able to create a ticket from the Dashboard?

No, you have to send a request to

Once the email is sent, a ticket will be opened. 

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