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My tickets Management


When you send us a request it creates a ticket which is assigned to our customer service. 

You will find in this article a demo video about your tickets management but also some frequently asked questions. 



Can I create a ticket without login in?

Yes, you can open a ticket without any login/password  ("Submit a Request" top right). Your ticket will be treated, you will get your answer by email.

However to have access to your ticket history & all the FAQs, please to, at your convenience, connect to the Help Center.


Where do I see my tickets?

Please connect to the Help Center, click on "Sign in" top right of the screen.

Then select, "My activities" by clicking on your name (top right).


Would I be able to create a ticket from the Dashboard V.1 (Back Office)?

If you have the rights presently, you will be able to open a ticket from the Backoffice SlimPay.

You will land in the new Help Center SlimPay (with more capabilities than the previous system).

Click on "Administration" > "Access Support Ticketing"


Would I be able to create a ticket from the Dashboard V.2?

No, you have to send a request to

Once the email is sent, a ticket will be opened. 


Important Note

You can check SlimPay System Status at anytime you want and especially if you encounter any problems on your platform as we update the page constantly to inform you about the scheduled operations and incidents.   

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