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Risk & Fraud Management


SlimPay has a compliance team available and dedicated to the risk and fraud management. Check is not only realized for your integration but also during all the contractual relationship. 

What are the modifications requiring a validation?

You can find below the list of all the creditor (merchant) modifications which have to be validated by our Compliance department. You also will have to send a request to and to have better follow-ups.

How can I modify my postal address/business name as a creditor (merchant) ?

Please send your request to, attaching your recent KBIS (certificate of incorporation) from less than 3 months. If you are an association, it is your SIREN.

How to modify the partner bank sub account ?

Send a request to attaching your new bank account details.

How to validate the mandate-import option ?

Send a request to indicating the following information:

  • monthly volume 
  • number of imported mandates by month
  • provide a csv file with the entire list of all the debtors for who the mandate has to be imported
  • if validated by the compliance team, use file or api format to migrate your existing mandates. 


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