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Remittance File Management

In this article you will find information about the remittance files:

What is it?

A remittance file can be used to deposit orders on the SlimPay server. SlimPay supports several types or orders which are used for different purposes as : 

  • Direct debit orders (Type 1)
  • Credit transfer orders (Type 2)
  • Customer bank details update orders ( Type 4 )
  • Debit schedule cancellation orders (Type 7)
  • Back Office user creation orders (Type 13)
  • Mandate migration orders (Type 14) NB : this option should be validated by our compliance service
  • Debit schedule modification orders (Type 15)
  • Debit schedule creation orders (Type 17)


To create your file, please upload the attachment (at the bottom of the page).  

The main formats supported are: csv (SlimPay format), pain.008 (SEPA format) and CFONB

How do I inject a file?

In the Dashboard V.1 (Back Office), on the left menu, click on > Manage files> Import a file

It is not possible to inject a file from the Dashboard V.2 for the moment.

How to find the status of an injected file?

In the Back Office, on the left menu, click on "Manage files">"view and uploaded file"> enter the search criteria > "Search"
You will see two areas: "Files waiting for injection" and "Injected files". In the latter case, the file can be injected OK (Ack) or Not OK (Err).

Important Note : The status .ack or .err are about the syntax validation of the file and not concerning the data (amount of a transaction, date of debit, exact name of customers...). 


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