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Explain me the transaction report / reporting download

The file has 5 sections:
1) The raw 2 will indicate the number of transactions in the selected timeframe + the date the report was run + the merchant's name. Yellow in graph.
2) The raw 3 will indicate your balance in your SlimPay account at the start date of your report & the raw after (4) below, will show the balance at the end of the reporting period. Orange in graph.
3) The raw 4 onwards will indicate each transaction. For the meaning of each item refer to Raw 1. The OPcode can be SDD for direct Debit, SCT for a bank transfer, REJ for a reject, RET for a return, SDD Fee for a fee on a direct debit. For the later 3, you will find more details on the column "Label". Blue in graph.
4) At the end of the transactions, you will have the Total amount, the debit amount & the credit amount. White in graph.
5) The last block of lines indicate information such as the available funds that you can choose to transfer to your bank account. Green in graph.


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