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How to manage refunds and reimbursements thanks to the Back office ?

How to reimburse a customer?

In the backoffice, select in left menu "Manage Payments"> "Reimburse client" > enter data
You will be able to refund a customer up to the collect amount (for that customer) in the last 6 months
Note: We recommend to wait 5 days after execution date before reimbursing a customer

Are partial refunds possible?

Yes, you can refund partially or totally a Direct Debit payment. You can not refund more than the debited amount.

How to generate a refund / reimbursement?

You have two options for a refund:

  • By injecting (uploading) a file with refunds to be done.
  • Manually via the back office, tab "manage paiements" > "Reimburse client" (below Backoffice menu view)

Please note that you have to wait 5 working days after the execution date (in case there is any R-transactions) .

The maximum amount to be reimbursed is the sum of the last six months debits.

Can I change or cancel a refund?

You can not. A transfer is send immediately to the banking network.

How do I find a reimbursement?

In the backoffice, select in left menu "Manage Payments"> "Search Reimbursement > enter data > click "search".



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