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What are the options to win back a failed payment?


On your reporting, some transactions can have the status RET or REJ (see all Direct Debit issues codes). This means that these transactions have been rejected or refused. The transactions are called R-Transactions.

What can I do when a transaction is refused/rejected? 

This will depend on the reason the transaction has been refused/rejected.

In some cases, you can replay the transaction, which means that you can replay it to try to get the payment. This feature can be automated by contacting SlimPay Customer Service. This way, each time you receive a R-Transaction, depending on the reason code, the transaction can be retried automatically.

It is also possible for you to suggest to your customers an alternative payment method to recover the refused / rejected transaction. For example, you can ask for a card payment to recover the failed payment via SDD.

For more information on R-Transactions, click here.


Automatic Retry: an efficient solution for your R-Transactions management

An example with Direct Debit

The Automatic Retry is a solution allowing merchants to easily winback failed payments through an automated process and therefore increasing revenues and optimising the customer lifetime value.

Failed payments (R-Transactions) cannot be totally avoided, as they are part of the commercial reality.

However, most of the R-Transactions can easily and automatically be replayed with tools like the Automatic Retry. The successful transactions rate is then maintained at an acceptable level for the merchant and client losses are avoided.

The Automatic Retry process is done in a transparent and secure way for both merchants and customers.


How does it work?


1. SMS or email alert

SlimPay sends an SMS or an email to inform the customer that the payment was rejected and that a new attempt will be performed to recover it.

Merchants can choose to notify or not their customers for each Automatic Retry.

2. New attempt

SlimPay is able to process several new attempts to win-back the failed Direct Debits.

For more information on this topic, you can check a case study of a SlimPay client.

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